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BASOC: San Francisco 2012 Olympics Bid
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Featured Olympians

You’ve heard many of their names before and by the time the 2012 Olympic Games are complete, you undoubtedly will hear of many more. Some will go down in Olympic history as the great winners, whose triumphant smiles of near disbelief and accomplishment will never be forgotten. Others will go down as the great competitors, whose noble efforts and drive will inspire us as well.Many of these individuals you may already know and will expect to see competing for the gold. Others will be unfamiliar names, from unfamiliar countries. Over the course of two weeks, many will become household names.

And at the end of it all, no matter how the medals... each individual will go home with an unforgettable story. Every face of every Olympian will become another chapter of the great 2012 Olympic Games.

Brian Martin - Luge, 1998

Stacey Blumer - Skiing, 1998

Jennifer Azzi - Basketball, 1996

Brian Boitano - Figure Skating, 1984, 1988, and 1992

Kerri Strug - Gymnastics, 1992, 1996

Ken Min - Taekwondo, 1988 and 1992

Katrina Radke - Swimming, 1988

Bryan Ivie - Volleyball, 1992, 1996

Heather Petri - Water Polo, 2000

Butch Curry - Weightlifting 1980

Alex Tarics - Water Polo, 1936

Brandi Chastain - Soccer, 1996 & 2000

Starr Walton-Hurley - Skiing, 1964

Barbra Higgins - Olympian